Suggest a green site for our map

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We'd like to hear about any green sites you think should be included on the Joburg Green Map. If the site you suggested meets our green criteria, we will happily add it!

Please submit your suggestion here after you have registered on the site, or login to submit your site. 

Important information

1.  Anyone can suggest a green site - you do not necessarily need to be the owner or manager of a site. However, we do need sufficient detail about what makes your suggested site 'green' to make it worthwhile adding it to the map. If you don’t have enough information, rather encourage the owner of the green site to submit the correct information.

2.  Please check out our green criteria to see if the green site you want to add is suitable. Sites not meeting our criteria will not be added.

3.  All submissions are moderated before we put them on the map, and this process can take up to 2 weeks. Please be patient as we add new sites. If after 2 weeks you still do not see your submission listed, please feel free to send us an enquiry and we will investigate.


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