Culture & Society

Equity, place and inclusion all play a role in sustainability, hence this genre focussing on a social component.

Special places that highlight cultural character are not in short supply in Johannesburg and some of these have special significance for a Green Map. Some museums and schools run eco-friendly programmes plus there are environmental centres and artisan studios worth visiting for inspiration.

Place where clubs, meetings and social gatherings involving the whole community are held. May be a formalised community centre, or one established though common use.

Useful where the site has met or exceeded local or national standards for eco- certification.

Site where individuals and groups can gather to discuss sustainability and organize actions, campaigns and networks.

Place to get various kinds of environmental, sustainability and ecological information in person, by phone or mail.

Groups and campaigns that raise awareness around the right to a safe, healthy and sustainable environment equally for all people, regardless of background, race, gender, age, where "environment" is considered in its totality to include the ecological (biological), physical (natural and built), social, political, aesthetic, and economic environments.

A site, centre or gathering place (indoors or outdoors) where informal or formal education on environmental topics takes place.

Environmental education refers to teaching about how natural environments function and how human beings can manage their behavior and ecosystems in order to live sustainably.

Place where copies of Green Maps are accessible and can be taken home.

School with an environmental curriculum, green building and/or sustainability practices. In some cases, there's a certification program from a Green Schools authority. May also indicate organizations, offices and groups promoting green school development.

Site for independent or eco-friendly media, or related training programme.

Place to find general information for tourists, residents and newcomers regarding local resources.

Solid waste dump where garbage and soil are layered together, preferably in a properly lined landfill with a methane gas capturing system. When filled, decommissioned landfills are capped and sometimes eco-landscaped.

Socially responsible non-profit organisation, NGO or educational group, government office, club or advocacy group that contributes to sustainability in important ways.

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