Use both sides of all your paper

Every piece of paper has two sides and probably less than a tenth of what we print out at work is so important that it needs to be on fresh paper. Get into the habit of drawing a single red line through a page once you’ve finished with it and popping it in a used paper tray on your desk.

As long as you’ve kept them all facing the same way up, you’ll have a ready supply of waste paper to feed back into the printer. Then, on the very rare occasions when you have to print on a clean sheet, either have a dedicated printer for those documents, stocked with blank sheets, or just pop in fresh paper as you would if you needed to print on an official letterhead. You can’t tell me that any internal corporate paperwork needs to be on anything other than waste paper.

Saves you money and makes it a lot more satisfying when you do eventually get to screw up a sheet and score a perfect three-pointer into the recycling bin.

This tip appears in “Going Green: 365 Ways To Change Our World” by Simon Gear and is provided courtesy Penguin Books.

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