Discard poisons responsibly

Once you have realised that using pesticides and herbicides is harmful to the natural balance of your garden, what should you do with the containers that you have?

Please do NOT wash these toxins down your sewerage system! The Municipal Sewerage Treatment Works are not able to remove these substances from the way – they can only dilute them, and what happens to the treated water? Where does it go?

Do not bury them in a deep hole in your garden either – the danger of contaminating the soil and ground water is great.

Ask your local nursery where you bought the products to handle safe disposal of them, or if they won’t, call the Chemical Dealers Association, or the local waste management company in your area for advice.

This tip is an extract from “Essential Organics – The Essence of Organic Gardening” written by Irmela Reichardt and edited by Margie Frayne. It is provided courtesy of Forrest Publications.

For more information about the book or to purchase it, please contact Rosslyn Press Publishers: www.rosslynpublishers.com

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