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Treading lightly on the Earth, reducing our carbon footprint and choosing to live in a more sustainable way can be achieved by making a few wise and simple changes. Every time you switch on a light, drive your car, run water or put out your rubbish you're making a decision that affects the environment.

Helping you go green

This “Go Green” section of our site helps you understand the reasons why we need to help protect the environment and gives you practical ways to live more sustainable in order to do so.

Remember: Little differences all add up to make a big difference. We CAN make change.

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Energy has no physical substance. We only know it is there, because we can see its effects, such as heat, light, sound and magnetism. We only value it for what it can do for us. However, without it, we could not survive. The sun provides the energy for all the processes that sustain life on our planet. It drives our weather, it generates heat, and it enables animal and plant growth. The sun supplies the earth with enormous amounts of energy for free – over 8 000 times the amount we use. Read more...


Water is a natural resource on which all living matter depends. While freely available in many natural environments, in human settlements potable (drinkable) water is less accessible. Demand often exceeds supply, and there are significant costs in getting water from the natural environment to the tap in an acceptable form. Read more...


In nature, life operates in a circular system, and waste generated by one organism becomes food for another. Fallen leaves decay and the nutrients are returned to the earth, where they become food for the tree again. An exciting challenge facing city communities is to work towards a life without waste, where the unwanted items of one cycle are essential goods for another. Read more...


Biodiversity (biological diversity) consists of the variety of all living organisms and the communities and ecosystems of which they are part. It is the ‘natural wealth’ of the earth that supplies all our food and other natural resources; the web of life of life on which we depend. Read more...


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