"That Digital Podcast" features Joburg Green Map

Tracy Frayne, one of the Joburg Green Map founding members

Joburg Green Map founding member, Tracy Frayne, was recently interviewed for "That Digital Podcast" on loosechange to talk about the map and changing people's behaviours.

The 10-minute podcast covers basic info about the Joburg Green Map, how it can be of benefit to communities and how people can get involved. Host Saul Kropman also enquired about how to change people's behaviour - to get people to 'go green'.

City developing future environmentalists

Eighty-seven unemployed Gauteng youths were given a window to the world of work on Friday September 21 when they attended a one-day orientation programme for an environmental learnership to be facilitated by the City of Joburg.

The successful candidates were selected for the year-long learnership, a brainchild of the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA), from a total of 152 applicants. The programme, which seeks to attract young people to job opportunities in the environmental field, is offered in partnership with the Local Government Sector Education Training Authority.

World Vegetarian Day

In celebration of World Vegetarian Day (1 October), let’s take a look at why this is a good time to cut meat out of your diet.

Why go vegetarian?

Health benefits

It’s September - say trees!

For Arbor day this year Checkers had the creative idea to give away Spekbooms, a plant native to the Eastern Cape noted for its easy growing attributes, a source of elephant food and its contribution to reducing  carbon emission. We are well and truly getting through the month of trees, so if you missed out on the Spekbooms, this blog is all about how you can still get in on the Arbor action. 

For a start, go out and buy your own tree. This tree of the year for 2012 is the Water Berry - an evergreen tree mostly associated with the tropical areas of KZN and which is good for a whole range of things from its tasty fruit to its uses in respiratory ailments. But you don’t have to get that one if you don’t want to - there are dozens of excellent trees available.

Get down to the Green Expo this weekend

The Green Expo is back in Johannesburg this weekend and we highly recommend that if you’re even vaguely interested in anything to do with green and sustainability, you take a visit. 

Running from the 28th until the 30th September at the Sandton Convention Centre, the expo focuses on sustainability in all forms. Expect to find exhibitors promoting green building products, energy saving technologies, waste and recycling initiatives, eco-friendly cleaning products, eco-tourism and much much more.

Celebrating our Natural Heritage this Heritage Day

Magaliesberg landscape

Heritage Day was created as a day to celebrate our diverse cultural heritage across South Africa – a day to proudly don traditional garb and reflect on who we are and where we came from, or to simply enjoy a day in the sun around the braai. I’d like to suggest a new angle for the day: that of our natural heritage.

The word ‘heritage’ refers to ‘what we inherit from the past and what we value’.

Green your Heritage Day braai

Unofficially known as National Braai Day, Heritage Day is on Monday. But you knew that – and you’ve probably already planned to have a braai with some friends or family at some point over this long weekend. But have you considered ways that you could green your braai? We’d like to suggest a few minor adjustments that won’t spoil the fun, but will make it a little bit more eco-friendly.

Consider protein other than that chunk of steak.

Today is the day to start recycling!

Recycling, the last and probably most well-known step of the 3 R’s process of waste minimisation, takes centre stage today, Recycling Day SA.

The day is intended to increase awareness by educating the community about the social, environmental and economic benefits of recycling and to encourage all to recycle and to buy products made with recycled material.

Clean-up SA week

This week, 10 – 15 September, is Clean-up South Africa Week – an initiative by Plastics|SA which aims to encourage clean-up and recycling activities.

Also falling within this week, are Recycling Day SA on the 14th and International Coastal Clean-up on the 15th. While the latter doesn’t really apply to us folks up here in Joburg, both recycling and keeping our city clean most certainly do!

What you can do

City of Joburg wins 2012 National Arbor City Award

Most of us already know that Joburg is the largest man-made forest, but it's now official as the City of Joburg recently won the 2012 National Arbor City Award.

The National Arbor City award is given to a city/town that has greened its areas more than other cities/towns in a province and has demonstrated excellence in landscape and environmental management.

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