Xtreme Park planned for Sophiatown

Another Xtreme Park is on the cards – in exactly 24 hours, starting on the morning of 19 July, Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo will work around the clock to set up a striking, lush oasis, this time in the city's historic north-western suburb of Sophiatown.

Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo's (JCPZ) international award-winning concept of an Xtreme Park makeover was initiated in 2006 in Wilgeheuwel; it is a spinoff of the popular Extreme Home Makeover television series. JCPZ is using the idea as a catalyst to rehabilitate neglected open spaces such as illegal dumping sites, turning them into liveable recreational parks. At the same time, the public is being encouraged to take ownership of their living spaces and to awaken environmental consciousness.

With the idea of community ownership in mind, JCPZ has invited about 100 people from Sophiatown to help build the park. They include local ward committee representatives and a ward councillor.

The initial development of the 20 546m2 park will feature an outdoor gym; park furniture, including benches and bins; a braai area; and a fenced play area with swings, a see-saw, a platform roundabout and a play mound. It will also have paved walkways, and an irrigation system for watering the trees and lawn that will be planted on the day.

In designing the park, JCPZ kept the culture of re-use, recycle and reduce in mind, and the boulders that will be dug up on site will be re-used to make other elements at the park.

In addition, as Sophiatown is a melting pot of historic events, the public art to be placed in the park will represent its heritage. There will be a sculpture wall, imprinted artwork, historic elements and mural of South Africa's famous writers, musicians, artists and politicians who played a fundamental role in Sophiatown.


Article via Joburg.org.za

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