We visit Green Map in New York

Wendy Brawer of Green Map Systems & Benji Shulman from Joburg Green Map.

Joburg Green Map founder Benji was recently in New York, and stopped off to visit the Green Map Headquarters. Here is a report about his visit...

On a recent business trip to New York I decided to stop by the Green Map Headquarters to see how Big Green is done in the Big Apple. The Johannesburg branch of the Green Map has been in contact with the founders of the program in NY for many years so it was a real privilege to meet Wendy Brawer and her team face-to-face.

After finding my way through pouring rain to their office which used to be an old residential block I was introduced to their work. As one would expect to find, the place is full of maps as well as good humour and with people have a sense that they are doing something good for the planet.

We had allotted hour for the meeting but I stayed for considerably longer time and kindly treated to a vegetarian dumpling and ice tea meal from a family business around the corner. The level of innovation in the Green Map team is extraordinary and new ideas and social entrepreneurial networks are a big part of the space that they work in.

One the current projects that was on while I was there was a map highlighting the damage that was done during the recent hurricane, Sandy. Another big topic of discussion was the bike share that has been installed in New York and some of the problems that have occurred with its implementation.

We spoke at length about interesting collaborations that the Joburg Green Map and how to get the resources, particularly funding, to get the project to grow. All in all it was a fantastic mind expanding experience and a visit to the NY Green Map office is something I would recommend to anyone who finds themselves in the city.


Really a special treat to meet you and share ideas in person, Benji! Hoping all of your travels were excellent!

Thanks again, Wendy & everyone at Green Map System

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