Tomato in a Can Garden Project launched in Alexandra school

The Speaker of the Council, Cllr Conny Bapela in partnership with Nedbank and Cangro visited M.C. Weiler School in Alexandra to establish Tomatoes in a Cans Garden Project on Friday, 13 September 2013.

Cangro taught learners through a drama about recycling and how to start vegetable gardens. Nedbank donated cans and plants to assist the learners to grow their own vegetable as part of the bank community social responsibility.  “We want to assist the school to grow its own vegetables and also teach learners entrepreneurship skills”, said Cllr Conny Bapela, the Speaker of the Council. 

Cangro is a sustainable development initiative that aims to inspire and grow innovative ideas and individuals in the Agriculture and Education sectors. Through innovation focused on the use of recycled material, they hope to inspire a new generation of young thinkers, and future entrepreneurs, who can contribute in a meaningful way to a sustainable new world.
Cangro was established to meet the demand and need for innovative solutions which will address the challenges facing communities today, such as; climate change, population growth, urbanisation, poverty and global economic turmoil. They have introduced the Cangro Educational toolkit – an upside down tomato in a recycled can, as a practical, tangible, fun and highly effective educational innovation, which will assist in creating a brighter future of hope and impact positively on the concerns outlined in the Johannesburg Declaration on Sustainable development – 2002.
The toolkit is made from recycled and re-used material thus the recycling concept is very prominent within the process. The tomato plant is up-side down and grows from underneath the can. The children love this disruption in conventional thinking and are astonished at the possibility and subsequent results during the two month project. They have chosen to use the tomato plant as they have found it thrives in the can and bears up to 40 small tomatoes each. 
This project brings delight and much joy to the children in addition to the obvious curriculum themes of recycling, photosynthesis and plant life cycle. The can speaks to many different concepts in the curriculum, such as urbanization, water scarcity, the periodic table, climate change, how to grow food, poverty alleviation, enterprise development and entrepreneurship.
The Cangro project is an initiative that was established to develop and nurture young minds so that someday they may grow into the innovative thinkers that will change the world.  Tomato in a Can project seeks to grow a sense of entrepreneurial spirit and fibre within the children the project reaches out to, and in turn they see people of all ages and cultures come together to support an idea that is growing into a way of life.

Article via City of Joburg

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