Joburg fights food insecurity

The City of Johannesburg has recently launched the “Seed Collection Campaign", an initiative that seeks to rally residents to join hands with the City and fight against hunger and food insecurity.

According to data released by Global Insight in 2008, 21.6% of Johannesburg’s household live below the poverty income level and that 42% of poor neighbourhoods struggle daily to get a meal. To try to address this issue, the City has launched a multi-pronged Agriculture and Food Security Programme to deal with food insecurity and poverty alleviation, with the “Seed Collection Campaign” as one of the initiatives.

It is intended to fight hunger and poverty and to restore dignity to residents by generating employment and sustainable livelihoods, by actively supporting and providing incentives for small-scale growers or farmers to among others provide a steady support of fresh produce.

“Through the campaign, we are calling on all sectors of our city, employees, the private sector, non-governmental organisations and civil society to buy vegetable seeds and donate them to child-headed families, cooperatives and schools with food gardens,” said Member of the Mayoral Committee for Health and Social Development Nonceba Molwele at the launch of the campaign.

The “Seed Collection Campaign” reinforces Joburg 2040 Growth and Development Strategy (GDS), an outreach process that outlines the growth of the city over the next three decades, building a collective and shared vision of becoming a vibrant, equitable African city with a resilient and adaptive society.

To get involved and donate seeds, please register at

For more information please contact:
Puleng Shuping on 011 407 6427 / 083 926 6408 or
Lerato Ndlovu on 083 444 7355 /

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