Green Map System

The Green Map movement was born out of the Rio Earth Summit in 1992 which sort to provide ways of localising environmental action.

Wendy Brauwer, an enterprising New Yorker, decided that the best way to do this would be by allowing people to re-imagine their city spaces in a new greener way. To do this she devised a set of funky, easy to use, green-themed icons that people could use to create Green Maps of their everyday spaces, their schools, universities, neighbourhoods, suburbs and cities. Today these icons appear in over 150 cities around the world in over 800 different forms.

Green Maps play an important role in cities by bringing together diverse environmental projects and showcasing them in an easy to use format. The key to the success of all Green Maps is that all sites can be registered on the map for free as long as they conform to the Maps predefined set of environmental standards.

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Green Map in Africa

The first Green Maps in Africa started in Uganda and Zimbabwe and the first city wide map in South Africa was started in Cape Town. This map has been widely successful has been produced into several different printed editions. It has been featured in the media extensively and is the most visited Green Map in the

Visit the Cape Town Green Map website.

Green Map in Joburg

Despite Johannesburg having much green innovation it has yet to have its own Green Map with which to inform it's own environmental future. With the city being the centre of economic life in the country it is imperative that sustainable living be made a reality for all its citizens.

The Joburg Green Map hopes to play its own small part in this process by highlighting initiatives currently underway that enhance the green existence of the city and provide its inhabitants with sustainable choices.

Inclusive and evolving

As a new exiting and evolving project we invite all those who want to see a better future for our city to get involved and become part of our community. Please enjoy the site, explore the map, share your suggested listings and send any comments - we would love to hear from you!

The team behind Joburg Green Map

The Joburg Green Map team consists of Benji Shulman, Stuart Frames and Tracy Frayne. We're all passionate about both Joburg and greening, and keen to share our knowledge!

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